Get Ready To Start Your Fast Career Track!




  • Upload your resume and 1-page cover letter.
  • Participate in a group interview, in which you will be presented with a business problem to solve alongside other candidates as a group OR solve a brain teaser- a logic puzzle by telephone (for international candidates).
  • Individually unravel a business problem under the Case Interview format.
  • Present yourself in the Resume Interview, in which you will discuss your past experience, and your interest in working for TMC.
  • Interview with a TMC Director, where you’ll discuss elements of your resume and solve another business case (the final three rounds will be by phone or Skype for international candidates).



The Group Interview, Brain Teaser, and Case Interviews are all designed to test your business sense, analytical skills, structured communication and numeracy. They take a particular format, and we strongly recommend practicing before your interviews, whether those be with The Mind Company or another consultancy. Successful candidates will often practice up to 20 cases before an interview!



  • Vault Guide to the Case Interview
  • Harvard Business School Guide to Careers in Consulting