About us

Founded in 2006 by former McKinsey and Booz Allen consultants
to make strategy consulting closer to today’s executives’ reality.
We have traditional fundamentals, blended with modern beliefs:

We believe that it is generally individuals who push growth business cases forward, not organizations.

We work as an extended team with the person that is leading the case.
We are committed to empowering and strengthening the person leading the case, making it look “AAA” and therefore driving the required actions in the organization (and not the other way around).
We don’t disappear once the project ends; we will be by your side until the finish line.

We believe that technology and remote communications have already disrupted the nature of multi-country projects, including those of strategy consulting.

We deliver multi-country projects without the need of physical presence in all of them, making them more cost-efficient.
We speak several languages, have multi-cultural team members and are used to working in several time zones simultaneously.
When we do need to travel, we are sensitive about your budget regarding long-haul flights.

We believe that strategy consulting shouldn’t mean disrupting the organization.

We have a non-intrusive style, and are on-site selectively for relevant events (such as workshops).
We are accept the fact that often, our client’s peers might not be aware of our work. In fact, we only do roundtables with the whole organization when necessary.
Our cases are most likely presented to Boards/Upper management directly by our clients, and we are present only when necessary.

We believe that finding and choosing the right data is as critical as performing the right analyses.

We are experts in research, and we have integrated primary and secondary research as core skills of our consultants.
We feed critical data and insights into analyses designed to answer your strategic questions robustly without losing insights throughout the process.
We think and plan the research process efficiently, focusing the efforts on collecting only what is relevant for the project.

We believe that strategy consulting has stopped being considered a crystal ball where to go for the gospel truth a long time ago.

We work with our clients to leverage their expertise and to align our methodologies throughout the process.
We are transparent throughout the overall project, and are open to discuss our approach and methodology.
Whilst we always maintain professionalism, we intend to be “decontracté” and relaxed to work with.


Years in Business






Multicountry projects

Abbvie • Adecco • Advent International • American Express • Aqua Capital • Assurant • AXA • Axenya • Bank of America • BASF • Baxter • Bayer • BD • B+L • Boheringer • Castrol • Coca Cola • DirecTv • Dow • Elevva • Grupo Biotoscana • Grünenthal • Grupo Galicia • Navent • Newsan • Omron • PepsiCo • Pfizer • Sanofi • Stevanato Group • Unilever • Valeo • The World Bank

Management Team

Esteban Rubin 

Founder & Director


Javier de Santos

Founder & Director


Manuel Benites



Juan Roberts



Sebastian Dri

Sr. Manager


Ignacio Quintana