Corporations old

Innovating in corporate

We support incremental and
breakthrough business ideas

Innovation and
pipeline management

Blue ocean process implementation
Value proposition testing and refinement
Opportunities prioritization
Scouting of opportunities

Expansion opportunity

Where to play
Make or buy assessment
Market Forecasting

P&L development and
scenario based forecasts
M&A scouting and
high-level valuation

Business plans structuring
and documentation

Expanding in core
categories / products?

From opportunity scanning to full business cases

Market intelligence

Voice of the customer
Market assessment
Channel analyses
Value chain assessment
Competitors profiling / benchmarking
Case studies

Product portfolio
strategy development

Portfolio assessments & restructuring
Where to play
How to win
Development of mid and long-term strategic plans
Strategy development support

Expansion strategy

Business plans development
Strengthening of commercial and brand plans
Global to region to country consistency
Local best practices compared to global / regional ones

Evaluating growth paths?

Geographical and adjacencies growth

Expansion opportunities

Scanning and prioritization of adjacencies
Country / region assessments and prioritization
Scouting and prioritization of opportunities

Strategy & go-to-market

Market reaction to value proposition
Opportunity definition and sizing
Fit with overall strategy
Business case development

Go-to-market strategy

P&L and valuation

  • We performed a series of blue ocean strategy projects that enabled a global packaging manufacturer to identify growth categories yielding double-digit growth for the company in the past five years.
  • We helped a top European generic drugs manufacturer prioritize and revamp a 200+ SKUs portfolio in various countries.
  • We supported a global insurance company craft an entry strategy for countries in the Andean Region that resulted in the acquisition of a regional leader.
  • We worked with a global beverages leader to upgrade its competitive intelligence department to support strategic decisions and scout for innovation / M&A.


Gustavo Pesquin

Head of North America General
Medicines Sanofi


Vanessa Ballarte

Director, Strategic Planning, Product
Planning and Compliance, OMRON Healthcare


Richard Nevares

General Manager Grunenthal


Gustavo Pesquin

“I had extremely positive experiences working with TheMindCo. I have hired them a number of times for very diverse strategic projects such as growth strategies, capability building, and benchmarking among others. TheMindCo provides very high quality work, comparable to top consulting firms.The firm operates with a high sense of collegiality and teamwork with the company teams.”

Vanessa Ballarte

“I have worked with TheMindCo in regional engagements such as opportunity assessments and long-term strategic plans for the pharma and medical devices industry. Insightful and professional, TheMindCo has always delivered well articulated recommendations that became action and enabled growth. Their team is highly client driven, flexible and reliable… and integrated seamlessly with our regional team. TheMindCo has worked remotely with our regional and country specific teams, and has always delivered high quality results and interactions in that capacity.”

Richard Nevares

“TheMindCo has proven an outstanding strategic business partner during my experience in the Pharma industry working within global emerging markets. They supported me in developing innovative solutions to traditional paradigms and together we generated growth initiatives: TheMindCo’s methodologies were key to crystallize our strategy while making it perfectly actionable. I worked with many consultants, but few of them leave an added-value footprint like them.”