TheMindCo Academy
TheMindCo Academy offers professionals the chance to learn skills and adopt tools from the strategy consulting world. We provide tailor-made courses and coaching for corporative executives and entrepreneurs.


The “Make the Case” training is the result of years of experience providing recommendations to the middle management with regards to how to build/present their analyses and conclusions to the top management. In this context, this training enables executives to turn their analytical working process into the development of a business case, facilitating the decision making in an effective way.


This training aims to provide visibility to executives on the theory and best practices of strategic planning in corporations. Leveraging decades of experience in the field, we will show you how successful strategic planning teams work, what to expect from a strategic planning role, and how to adopt inherent practices and tools from strategic planning in order to enhance your professional development.


The planning and execution of strategy projects entail a high-level of complexity. The presentation of results often presents many challenges since the legitimacy of the project is at stake; it is the moment when implications and consequences are aligned and decided. These coaching sessions are designed to support executives in these crucial instances.