Office in Buenos Aires:

Curious about South America? Heard a lot about Argentina?
What if you could pursue a high-performing position working with clients
from all over the world based in Buenos Aires?

Unexperienced positions

If you have just graduated
or have little work experience
and you want to pursue a
career in strategy consulting,
there is a place for you here.

Experienced in consulting positions

If you have 1-2 years experience
in Strategy or Management
Consulting, we have more senior
positions that may suit you.

Experienced (non-consulting) positions

If you have developed a career
in another sector and want to shift
to consulting, we can also welcome
you to our team. We have had a wide
range of professionals: physicians,
scientists, entrepreneurs and corporate
analysts that became highly successful
strategy consultants.

Upload your resume, cover letter and position of interest: