The Mind Company (TMC) is a pioneering company focusing solely on Business Units' growth issues and ideas, empowering M-Level Executives (managers who are three/four levels below CEO and have their own P&L) by working with them on their strategic growth ideas and decisions through research, analysis and problem-solving, turning them into actionable and result-oriented plans.


TMC's mission lies in creating measurable and lasting impact in organizations by radically improving access to strategic consulting services to a broader range of executives.


  • “Our engagement with TMC allowed us to evaluate market potential and different market entry options for a new product in the pharmaceutical arena, adding value in 3 key areas: deep end-customer research; ability to operate globally; and active discussion with the project team before and after the final readout. The final report was then used by several teams.”

    Senior Manager / Fortune 500 Company

  • “I´ve had the opportunity to work with many consulting firms on a variety of engagements over many years, and TMC was amongst the most professional and comprehensive thus far. They bring a unique capability to our business, and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

    Senior Manager / Fortune 500 Company

  • “In 3 months we went from an idea to having a green light to act on a $20M incremental revenue opportunity. There is simply no place else where I can get this level of return for a $50-100k investment.”

    Senior Manager / Fortune 500 Company

  • “TMC empowers you to assess the opportunities you want to look at but don't have the time; provides robust analysis and research as a base for your recommendations; and acts as a trustedadvisor and brings an outside perspective that understands your business.”

    M-Level Executive / Fortune 500 Company