Redefining The Strategic Consulting Industry By Making It More Accessible To A Broader Range Of Executives



The Mind Company (TMC) is the first company to focus exclusively on empowering the M-Level, helping them push forward their strategic growth ideas through research, analysis and problem solving. M-Level Executives are professionals who are three/four levels below CEO and have their own P&L.


TMC maximizes the benefits of off-shoring, by remotely delivering a mix of strong research and problem solving capabilities, providing strategy consulting services to a broader range of executives.


We currently support M-Level Executives as well as Directors and their M-Level teams on an ongoing basis to help them turn their strategic growth ideas into actionable, results-oriented, plans. TMC’s support lies in “making” business cases with a deeper level of insight and exhaustiveness, carrying out robust analyses, and developing presentations for upper management, in most cases, to the


Over the past several years, TMC has gained considerable experience helping Fortune 500 companies to create growth.




We aim to create measurable and lasting impact in organizations by radically improving access to strategic consulting services for a broader range of executives. We pride ourselves on being our clients’ trusted advisor on business strategy and the employer of choice for graduates.