The Organizational Culture We Foster Allows Our People To Thrive And Our Clients To Succeed



The Mind Company's mission and values are the organization's moral and operational axes that determine the way we interact with our clients, with each other, and with the community we are part of...



Our Values



  • Professionalism  

    Abiding by the highest standards, to get to superior results.

  • Meritocracy  

    Providing just reward to those who deliver, and incentivizing both personal and professional growth.

  • Team Work  

    Partnering with each other and with our client’s team to achieve the best results, learning from each other to become better professionals.

  • Dedication To
    Professional Development  

    Setting the bar high, enabling increased self knowledge and growth in dimensions that transcend work.

  • Entrepreneurship  

    Catalyzing the exhibition of employees full potential, expanding their capability to learn and lead and foster a proactive attitude towards problems.

  • Passion for Problem Solving  

    Analyzing issues prior to taking action, obtaining better results. We appreciate the analytical process, viewing it as an art form focused on deciphering the interrelation between different pieces of information.

  • Internationalism  

    Because one of our organization’s strengths lies in the myriad of skills, perspectives, languages and backgrounds that creates our unique culture.


Our Culture



At TMC we are proud of our dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative environment. We develop interesting value propositions to attract great local and international talent so as to generate an international and multicultural perspective.


> We offer responsibility
and new challenges to those who are driven and committed.

> We encourage and empower
our people to be genuinely curious and interested in solving our clients' problems and challenges.

> We endorse the values of humility, of being a good listener, and of working hard to be of service to the client.

> We promote a friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere with an emphasis on respect, inclusion and celebration.

> We look forward to working in an entrepreneurial ambience

because we believe is a great way to maintain a proactive attitude towards problems, expanding our capability to learn and lead.